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I wish I had something fun to post about. I’m sure I could find something fun if I really tried. Or at least something sorta fun. Maybe I should write a beginner’s guide to solving sudoku at some point, because I seem to be pretty good at it. There’s lots of JPop music out there I could listen to, I have several projects I need to work on.

And I really don’t feel like doing any of it.

Depression isn’t laziness. When you’re lazy you just don’t want to do things. When you’re depressed, a part of you kind of wants to do things, but another part of you thinks it’s futile to do so, so you end up doing a little bit of something and then just giving up on it as a lost cause.

That’s kind of been where I am for the last couple of days.

You can say what you want about Trump. I think he was a good president, but he had his problems as well. I think even most of the more ardent Trump supporters realize this about him (those who don’t are just extremists and should be ignored). But the one thing that you could be absolutely sure of was that he had your back.

For him, “America First” was not just a motto. He lived it. Those who don’t think that was a good thing hated him for it, but even they would be hard-pressed to deny that that’s how he approached his job as President. America first. And that’s really the job of a politician – to represent, to advocate for, and even fight for the residents of that country. Or at least it should be. Some countries don’t really understand that. But they’re not important. Trump did.

When Biden was elected, I wasn’t happy about that. Biden was pretty clearly incompetent to do the job, as he almost certainly had some form of dementia. But while that disturbed me, it didn’t cause me too much consternation. Obviously (or so I thought) there were some competent people behind him propping him up, like one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets. He’d do some stupid stuff, he’d reverse a lot of the good stuff Trump did as President, but he’d at least do what he or his handlers thought was right.

The last two days or so completely disabused me of that notion.

Neither Biden nor his administration have our back. Not in any meaningful way. Their policy is “America Last”.

You do not leave thousands of American citizens behind in a country which has just been taken over by people who will hunt them down and kill them, and say that you have our back. You do not give the enemy lists of people, asking them for safe passage, when all it does is give them a gift-wrapped present of who to kill, and say that you have our back. You do not open the southern border so that anyone who wants can come into the country and never leave, increasing crime and all of the other follow-on effects, and say that you have our back. You don’t allow rioting to continue in our major cities, and claim that you have our back.

Joe Biden does not have our back. Joe Biden is, conversely, ready to betray all of us at a moment’s notice, and it’s not even clear why.

I had thought our government was just incompetent. It’s clear now that they are malevolently trying to destroy us.

I don’t like writing political posts. They’re generally divisive, not useful, and since most of my viewing audience is international, not really relevant either. But I can’t not say this and what I’ve been saying. I’ve been willing to give Biden a chance. And he’s blown it. He needs to be removed from office immediately. I don’t even care if we get a President Harris – she can be removed from office too if necessary. But every day Biden is in office is another day that he can actively plot against us.

I have never seen a politician in my lifetime with less interest – and flagrantly so – in the well-being of our people than Joe Biden.

So what does this have to do with my depression? I hate this. I hate seeing the news coming out of Afghanistan, the humanitarian crisis that’s already taking root, the terrorists that are already taking advantage, the staggering human toll that hasn’t even fully manifested yet. It depresses me. There’s nothing I can do about it, but there’s everything we should do about it, and I can’t believe that our leadership is this incompetent or malevolent.

And we think our country is safe? That it couldn’t happen here? Just give Biden time. He’ll make it happen. He’s already built the terrorists back better.

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