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Why I’m Not a YouTube Reactor

When I opened my new site, I had several options as to how I wanted to proceed. One of the simplest and probably most effective ways to do the kinds of reviews I’m currently slogging through was to become a YouTube reactor.

It seems to be a tried and true pattern. You find videos, react to them, beg for Patreon subscriptions. At some point, you either find Babymetal or pretend to find them, (seriously, there’s a roving horde, of which I very occasionally participate, that moves from Babymetal reaction to Babymetal reaction and can actually make a channel take off just on its own), react to them, give the surprised pikachu face, and voila. Lots of followers. And maybe some of that sweet, sweet YouTube ad (or Patreon) money would follow.

I never seriously considered doing this. Not even for one second.

There are several reasons. Several are kinda personal. But the biggest reason is that I don’t have what it takes to be a YouTube reactor.

There are some reactors I’ve seen that genuinely know what they’re talking about and can add some professional color to their reactions. That’s cool, and I respect that. But, generally, an honest reaction is not the product that’s being offered. The product that is being offered, is allowing your audience to share the music or films that they like, and most importantly, to watch you enjoy them.

Honesty doesn’t even really enter into the equation. The more people can share their enjoyment of something with you, and watch you enjoy it, the more popular you’re going to be.

And that, my friends, is why I won’t be a YouTube reactor.

I will tell you when I despise something.

And that does not make for a good product.

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