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Probably one of the most frequent questions that’s never been asked of me, but probably would be if people felt comfortable asking me questions, would be “what’s it like living in Texas”?

Well, specifically for my foreign friends, let me answer that question.

Texas is big. I mean really big. It’s one and a half times as big as Japan. A statistic that shocks even Americans is that its less distance from San Diego to El Paso than it is from El Paso to Houston. I-10 is about 800 miles end to end in the state. Because of that, there are quite a few different ecosystems here. In the west, it is dry and arid. In the east, it’s humid and swampy. In Central Texas, where I live, it’s a mix of everything. The big cities are, well, big cities, with everything you’d expect from one. Tall buildings, rude drivers, etc. The rural areas are ranches and farmland with salt of the earth people who are fiercely protective of their property and way of life, but would give the shirt off their back if you need it.

All told, it’s a decent place to live, if you don’t mind a bit of heat and humidity.

Texans are very proud of their state. It was once am independent country, and they don’t let you forget it. The Texan flag is often put on equal footing with the American flag, and that’s not a coincidence. You’ll find so many things in the shape of Texas, and I’ve never seen a state where folks are so proud to be a citizen as Texas. Other states are places to live. Texas is a way of life.

You might be surprised to know that while I have had very good bbq and Texmex, I have only rarely seen someone actually wear a cowboy hat and boots. Though I will say that on a hot day, you can’t beat the hat for sunburn protection on your neck, so I’ve been the one to wear it in public before. The only one, actually. But that’s okay. Texans generally like it when you match to the beat of your own drum. It’s part of the “rugged individualism” that they like so much. Bit, truth be told, they’re much more so in the cities. Rural areas tend to be a bit more conservative. And that’s fine, it does take all types.

Texas loves its roads. It always seems to be building roads somewhere, and they love tall, sweeping flyovers. I think it’s part of the “go big or go home” mentality that Texans tend to have. We don’t do anything by half. “Everything’s bigger in Texas” isn’t a statement, it’s a goal.

But I like Texas. It’s a good place to live. If you want to visit the US, you could do lots worse than to visit Texas. We’d love to have you. We’re a friendly bunch that likes tourists and are happy to show off the state that we’re so proud of. We may even send you home with a cowboy hat if you’re nice. Or if you buy one, heh.

Anyway, hope that answers your questions. What do you like about your country?

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