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Why I’m Not A Republican

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that I’m no fan of Democrats. Honestly, I’m being very nice when I say that. I’m no fan of Democrats in the same way I’m no fan of dirty diapers, and much for the same reason. So I’m not really going to go into that – I have no reason to. I can do that in other posts.

But I’m not a Republican, either, and that is absolutely intentional.

In my opinion, the only reason one would even consider becoming a Republican is because the Democrats are so full of shit.

For those who don’t live in the United States, we have two major parties, and a few more that no one cares about. The Republican Party (also known as the GOP) is historically more conservative, and the Democratic Party is historically more liberal. Historically, the Democratic Party has also supported slavery, while the Republican Party has opposed it. (You can complain about this observation and say it’s no longer true (I think it’s still true), but I don’t care. Historically, it’s true, and suck it up. My blog.) Hooray for nested parentheses.

I am old enough, though, to remember how things were before the Democrats fell off the idiot cliff. The Republicans were much more religious than the Democrats, and I remember how oppressive the Republicans were back in their heyday. Cancel culture started with them, as they would boycott and remove anyone who they didn’t morally agree with. If you weren’t some kind of conservative religious Evangelical Christian, they had no time for you and tried to shut you out of the public square. They fought to make sure that church and state were as intertwined as they could possibly make it. Atheists were shut out of public office, and, well, there’s a reason I was not a Republican years ago, when the Democrats were a viable, non-stupid alternative. I hated how oppressive they were.

And, well, they still are. The leopard hasn’t changed its spots. It’s just that the Democrats have become a much more clear and present danger to this country, that the Republicans look like bastions of sanity. Of course, the leadership at least somewhat recognizes this, and has somewhat successfully rebranded themselves as the “big tent” while the Democrats have turned into the pile of stupid festering shit they are today.

But I haven’t forgotten who the Republicans were. Oppressive, theocratic, repressed religious cretins who tried their darnesdest to turn this country into a theocratic hellhole, and failed. Why would I support them now, even though the democrats are trying their hardest to turn this country into a secular theocratic hellhole?

I vote for Republicans. They’re still better than the Democrats. They’ve kinda sorta a little bit learned their lesson, from being on the other side of an oppressive regime. But would I become one? No. I remember who they are. No way am I throwing myself behind that, even if the enemy of the enemy can be my friend under certain circumstances.

I hope the Republicans take power away from the Democrats, and I hope the Democrats are thoroughly destroyed (the Party, anyway) until there’s nothing more than a smoking pile of ash. And after that, I hope the Republicans follow. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

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