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Speaking Ill of the Dead

Today, a broadcasting great, Rush Limbaugh, has died at 70 of Lung cancer.

Plenty will have been said of Mr. Limbaugh’s accomplishments, and they are many. Whether or not you agree with them, it’s impossible to overstate his achievements in the shaping of conservative thought over forty years. I agreed on some things, disagreed on others. But I think I will let others write an obituary. There will be many who will do a better job than I.

I want to, instead, call out the atrocious behavior of people who think they are “woke”.

Now, personally, I think it is one thing to think that the world is better off without someone. I feel this way about most of our political “leaders” in office right now, and quite a few “world leaders” too. If they were to be “removed from the playing field”, shall we say, I would not shed a tear. I would think “well, the world is, frankly, better off”, think about how their absence would change the playing field, and otherwise spare no thought to them. That, I think, is healthy, or at least, not particularly toxic. If someone thinks the world is better off without Limbaugh, I disagree vehemently, but I can’t argue, because I understand the sentiment about others. I don’t celebrate death, even the death of my “enemies,” but I can acknowledge how I feel about them.

But people are celebrating.

The celebration of the death of anyone is evil.

I don’t care what you think Mr. Limbaugh did or stood for (you’re likely wrong, but don’t let facts get in the way, lefties!). I don’t even care what damage you think was caused to the world. If you can’t come up with enough human decency to recognize that a man died, then you’re at least the scum you think you’re celebrating.

If you are celebrating his death- or the death of anyone else, shut the hell up, go sit in a corner, and think about what kind of person you’ve become. Don’t call yourself “woke”, don’t call yourself “enlightened”, don’t think you’re better than anyone else, because the truth is, what you are, is so blinded by your own hate you can even see how blind you are. There’s a reason, in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the townspeople were blinded, and they never even noticed.

When you cannot notice your own blindness, that’s when destruction is rained down from the heavens. And you won’t see it coming.

Don’t celebrate death. It’s beneath you, its bad form, and worse, it’s just evil.

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Rush Limbaugh was a professional bigot. I do not celebrate his death, and I do not think the world is better off without him, not the least of reasons being that someone else will surely fill his place in the echo chamber. That said, I will not be silent as people celebrate his life and pretend his career punching down at the weak and vulnerable counts as ‘conservative.’ The man was all kinds of awful. That was always what some folks loved about him.

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