Over the past few days, Texas has encountered a cold snap the likes of which we haven’t seen in a century. Last night we got down to 2 degrees, the all time record in Austin is -2. The roads are pretty much impassable, and everything has been shut down for a couple of days.

Power here has been nonexistent. For some reason the power grid has pretty much collapsed. I have been without power for 18 hours now and some for much longer. In fact, four million people are currently without power and that number is growing. This is because the generators couldn’t handle the cold and tripped off, wind generators froze, solar panels were covered with snow… all things that could have at last partly been addressed with preventative maintenance and even a minimum of disaster planning.

And yet we didn’t. Texas is a third world state, and I cannot begin to express how annoyed and disappointed in our “leaders” I am that this was not planned for. Just because something happens rarely doesn’t mean it won’t at some future time. This has happened before, there were recommendations made, and they weren’t followed.

If heads don’t roll and the state doesn’t take steps immediately to make sure this never happens again, I am going to be very angry, and I will make that anger known in every political way I possibly can until their feet are held to the fire and something gets done. I don’t ever want to experience anything like this again.

If Texas doesn’t want to be thought of as a third world country maybe they shouldn’t behave like one.

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