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Why I Deliberately Do Not Correct Typos (Most of the Time)

If you go back to my previous posts, you will find typos. Some of them are pretty prominent. I am aware of them, and I don’t correct them, unless they substantively change the meaning of a sentence.

See, I write this blog, usually, on a chromebook. Some of the keys are not very responsive (particularly the ‘l’, it seems) and sometimes I miss or add letters. I correct them when I spot them, but sometimes I don’t, and I click the little “publish” button with the odd mistake coming through. Though I have a kind of “dyslexia”, for want of a better word, which causes me to sometimes write the exact opposite of what I mean, most of the time these are just truly mistakes – the wrong word, missing letters, etc.

I leave them because I don’t want to have too polished of a product.

See, I’m human. I’m going to make mistakes. It’s a given. I’m going to make typos, I’m going to say things in not quite the right way, my posts are never going to be perfect. So I’ve learned to embrace the imperfections. Every typo I create is a fault in the crystal lattice of my blog – an imperfection that, in its own way, makes it even more unique and beautiful. If it’s a prominent typo, one might look at it and say “ha ha, look at this person who can’t spell!” when in actuality I can spell just fine, I’m probably well aware, and just left it. It’s a paradoxical truth that people tend to be more engaged with what one writes or says when they can find a flew in it.

So if you see a typo, odds are high but not 100% that I’m already aware of it, and odds are far higher that if I were aware of it, I wouldn’t bother correcting it. It’s a part of what I’m creating, and I want to let it be.

Or, am I just lazy?

You’ll never know.

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I like this post for the simple reason that you are not afraid to show your flaws. We are all human and subject to mistakes. Acknowledge the mistake and keep it moving. That’s all. Thank you.

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