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Why I voted for Donald Trump

I will pause while some of you write knee-jerk comments or unsubscribe. I’ll wait patiently. Done? Okay.

I’ve said before that this is a blog, first and foremost, about Japanese topics. But there are times, especially in the past year, when the real world interjects and it’s appropriate to talk about other topics. I promise this will be the last post on political topics for quite a while. Depending on who wins (I think Trump will) there may be one more. But as I’ve said, it is important for me to use my voice and speak. In fact, I believe the masks we are forced to wear are a kind of punishment for not speaking up. So here it is. My reasons for voting for Donald Trump.

The Democrats have gone insane

I’ll be quite frank: even if I hated Trump I would still have voted for him. When the Democrats went full throttle against Kavanaugh and smeared the reputation of someone who, by all accounts except for the uncredible ones, was a decent man, I swore I would never vote for another Democrat. What with all of the riots, etc., and the Democrats proving to be utterly ineffectual in dealing with them in any sane way, that resolve has only increased. It’s Republican or Independent, but never Democrat again.

Biden is not qualified to be President

Biden is a nearly octogenarian who is undergoing what appears to be severe and rapid mental decline. The odds are very low that he would survive a first term, and I sure as hell do not want a President Harris. It is true that Trump is not that much younger, but the difference between him and Biden seems night and day. I wonder if Biden knows what day it is half the time.

Yes, Biden performed decently in the debates. But the bar was pretty low, and I don’t consider that an indication of fitness for the job.

Recently, evidence has come out that Biden is extremely corrupt, as well. That came too late to affect my vote, but it is yet another nail in his political coffin, as far as I’m concerned.

Trump is a decent president

For all of the reasons to vote against the Democrats, though, I voted for Trump. He has had one of the most successful first terms as president ever – his accomplishments are way too many to list here. He keeps his promises as best he is able, he seems to have a well developed sense of personal integrity (see below), and generally, if he says something, you can (directionally) take it to the bank.

You might say “wait, he’s a horrible liar, how can you say that?” Well, I’ll agree with you that he’s, shall we say, somewhat liberal with the facts. But much of that is hyperbole, some of it is humor and a deliberate grandiosity, and the rest of it is directionally accurate. By which I mean it may not be literally true, but it’s in the direction of being true, and that’s good enough. I’ve never seen him outright lie. He may have, but I’ve never seen it.

Many people say Trump is racist, sexist, any “ist” you can imagine. My response is this: I haven’t seen any evidence of that, and I’ve seen plenty of evidence to the contrary. So I don’t care what other people think – I don’t think he is, and that case is closed.

His foreign policy, while not perfect, is very good. He knows how to treat foreign leaders – treat them with respect and go at them hard on the world stage. There’s a reason he was nominated for three nobel prizes.

So, I voted for him I believe he is the right choice for another four years, and I was proud to not only vote for him but to donate some money to his campaign.

Is he perfect? No. No, he’s not. He’s human. He does some things I don’t like, I think his persona could be a little more polished on occasion, and he really needs to stay away from porn stars. His response to the coronavirus, while acceptable, was not stellar. While his instincts are generally very good, they are not perfect. I wouldn’t trust him around my daughter or wife, if I had either. But I’m not electing a nanny, I’m electing a President.

I was proud to vote for Trump this year, and I left the voting booth with a strong sense that I did the correct thing. That sense has not waned. So if you are a US Citizen, you may vote how you choose. If you think Biden is the right choice, then by all means, vote for him. I hope you have considered your vote thoroughly, but if you have, more power to you. But as for me, that is why I choose Donald Trump for another four years as President of the United States.

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