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Just a Random Post

I don’t know what to post about tonight. I’ll probably post about theoretical physics, Japanese, and maybe something about a duck.

So I was thinking about the Planck Time. It turns out that at least as far as we know, when it gets down to infinitesimal scales – I mean *very* small – there is a resolution limit to the Universe. There is what is called the “Planck volume”, which is the smallest space possible in the Universe. I guess it could be thought of as a “universe pixel”. But there’s an analogue in the timelike dimension as well – it’s a Planck time. It’s the smallest discrete amount of time possible. It’s extremely quick, but it’s there.

This leads me to a whole bunch of questions that I’ve never heard asked before. If the Universe has a minimum time length, does that mean it also has a maximum frequency? It also means that at that frequency, it must be a binary stream, because any actual changes in the amplitude of that frequency would imply multiple frequencies overlaid on it. It would seem that the new-agers might be right – everything’s based on frequency, but not how they thought.. Nothing’s ever quite how they thought. Lots of interesting thoughts come from those basic questions.

I’m seriously questioning now whether I want to continue with Japanese. The simple question is this: if Japanese is a language, and the purpose of learning it is to be able to communicate with Japanese, and Japanese don’t like communicating with me, then what’s the frigging point? Seems like a huge waste of time and money to be rejected by a whole different culture. And it’s even worse that I’m actually becoming somewhat competent in it. I don’t mean I’m anywhere near fluent, but I can at least come up with coherent thoughts if I know the words. The question still stands. Is it worth continuing? I don’t know. I have a feeling I’ll know soon.

Oh, yeah. Something about a duck. Dangit. It’s 11:30 PM and I’m quacking up.

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