A New Direction

I started three different blog posts, and abandoned them right in the middle.  That’s a sign that I need to do something different.  I’m starting to bore myself, and if I’m boring myself, I can’t imagine what I’m doing to everyone else.  I’ve run out of interesting things to say – even to myself.

I have a few ideas on how to escape from this, but it requires a complete shift and thinking and some new ideas, neither of which I truly have right now.  I have several ideas, but they’re not cheap, and one of them’s *really* not cheap.

But I will do something with this.  It’s not a resolution, per se, as I don’t do New Years resolutions – they’ve always struck me as a bit superstitious.  But it’s clear I can’t continue blogging this way.  I need a focus.

So I’ll be taking some time to think about what direction I want to go, and unless I learn something so fascinating I can’t keep it to myself, expect something different in the new year.

Thank you for sticking around thus far, though.  This is not me throwing in the towel.  This is me recognizing I need to try something different.

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