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オタク… 何?

One of the most fascinating things about Japanese culture, I think, is the otaku.  I’m not one by any means, and I don’t at all understand them, but I find them fascinating.  I’m not sure in what way – I think it’s at least in a “what the heck makes them tick” sort of way.  I don’t dislike them or hate them, I just don’t understand them.

I don’t understand cosplay, for example.  To me, it’s just a waste of time and effort.  Why bother with it?  I’ve seen people spend a lot of time and energy on makeup and costumes, and sometime they even get into character and act the part.  I had a coworker who once tried to get me to go to a “Ren Faire” (where they cosplay as medieval or renaissance people) with the rationale “the women there are easy!”.  I declined (that, for me, was an argument against), but I still just don’t get it.

There are certain aspects of anime that do impress me, I have to admit that.  There is an anime called “nodame cantabile” that impressed the hell out of me with their attention to detail – they animated a guy playing a complex Rachmaninoff concerto on the piano – and got every single note right.  But I don’t understand the huge and complex fandoms that have sprouted from the artform.  I don’t understand the half-clad figurines, the anime character pillows, etc.  I just don’t get it.

I don’t at all understand “waifu”.  In fact, I personally think this is an aspect of Japanese otaku culture that is as endearing as it is disturbing.  I don’t understand fans who appear to think that they can date idols and anime characters – to the point where the idols aren’t even allowed to date because it might destroy the fantasy that many otaku have built up around their favorite idol.  Perhaps there’s something I’m missing.  There probably is.  But on its face, it just seems rather sad to me.

It really does seem to me that otaku culture is mostly a way to take money out of lonely people and put it in the pockets of certain kinds of media creators.

All that said, I’m trying to keep an open mind.  Next January, there is an anime convention here in Austin (I found out about it because I was driving down the street and there were cosplaying people heading to get something to eat) literally within walking distance of my apartment.  Ikkicon 2018, to be precise.  I intend on going, just to see what all the fuss is about.  I won’t be cosplaying.  I may even just keep to myself and observe.  But I really want to understand it.

Right now, I don’t.  My attraction to Japan is its history and culture, of which otaku really isn’t a large part.  But it’s a part, nonetheless, so the more I understand, the better.

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